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Software As Service, Will You Go Live?

  • Windows Live Search
  • Windows Live Mail
  • Windows Live Favorites
  • Windows Live Safety Center
  • Microsoft Office Live Basics
  • Microsoft Office Live Essentials
  • Microsoft Office Live Collaboration

Bill and Ray preview Windows Live™ and Microsoft® Office Live.

Scoble speaks.

Others chime in:
Windows Live Ideas (check out the beta)
What is Live? (Joe Wilcox)
I just don't get it (Scott Hanselman)
Not Just an AJAX Desktop
The Gadget Gallery

News Magazines too:
Like XBox Live (Forbes)
Competing with Free (BBC)
Brilliant or suicidal (MSNBC)
Google is more the evil empire now (Seattle Times)
Repackaged version of (PC World)
Struck a nerve (Business Week)
Competing With Google and Yahoo (NY Times)

I signed up for the Office Live Beta and I'm waiting to form an opinion...

<Todd />

PS: Maybe I should change over to a cut and paste blog. I could post a lot more often and it is so much easier than an original content blog. Naw, that is just to “me too“ for me.

posted on Friday, November 04, 2005 11:21 AM


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