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Tuesday, January 27, 2009 #

Presenting at Sydney Business and Technology User Group (SBTUG)

When: Wed 28 January 2009

Time: 6pm (until approx 8:30pm)
Where: Microsoft, North Ryde
Contact: Craig Bailey : 0413 489 388
Cost: $5 (to cover pizza)
More details:

About our sessions:

SharePoint for Managers : Kathy Hughes

Kathy will be presenting an overview of the business benefits of Microsoft SharePoint. Come along with your questions about how to best use SharePoint in your business.

Learn from Kathy’s extensive experience implementing SharePoint in a range of companies, what works best, what to look out for, and how to get user buy-in.


Windows 7 Overview + Multi-touch + Microsoft Surface: Craig Bailey

Craig will be giving a quick overview of Windows 7, and then giving a practical demonstration with the HP TouchSmart, showing how multi-touch works and how touch on the screen can be used in business. He’ll also be showing the Microsoft Surface emulator and demoing a few educational applications, to give an idea of what can be achieved.


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Monday, November 10, 2008 #

Liberation Day, Sydney, Australia - Steve Balmer - recordings available


If you missed out on seeing Steve Balmer and other presenters at last week's Liberation Day in Sydney, Australia, you can view the recordings at this address: - http://www.microsoft.com/australia/powertodevelopers/default.aspx.

Steve Balmer - opening address

Gianpaolo Carraro - Azure (http://www.microsoft.com/azure/default.mspx)

Tim Sneath - Windows 7 (http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windows-7/)


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Office DevCon 2008, Sydney, Australia, 15th and 16th November 2008


Well, things are really ramping up for next weekend's Sydney Office DevCon 2008 - that's right, Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th November, 2008, marks the 2nd Sydney-based Office DevCon event and we're truly excited about it. DevCon is a community event organised by local MVP's, in conjunction with Microsoft, and sponsored by a number of partner companies. This year's event is proving to be even bigger than last year's and we've a fantastic array of presenters and topics.

If you haven't already registered, then visit our site - http://www.officedevcon.com.au - to register and while you're there check out the event sessions - http://www.officedevcon.com.au/sessions.htm. Note, as with last year's event, registration is free but we ask that you register so we can adequately cater for you throughout the weekend. Yes, in tradition with all great technical events we'll be providing snacks, drinks and lunch over both days.
So come along for a great lineup of technical presentations (including Access, Excel, Word, Office System, PowerPoint, SharePoint and InfoPath tracks) and meet the presenters - there'll be an opportunity for additional breakout sessions during breaks, etc., for question time. We have a couple of overseas presenters who'll also be presenting at this year's event. 

 I'm presenting three of my favorite SharePoint topics:

Title: My Technicolor MOSS (or color me MOSS)
Type: Deep-dive
Speaker: Kathy Hughes

In this session, we’ll demonstrate how to effectively use SharePoint Designer 2007 to create custom master pages, cascading style sheets (CSS) and page layouts. We’ll cover best practices for deploying customizations between a development and production environment, and show you some tips ‘n tricks around working with styles – direct from the field!

Title: BI in MOSS
Type: Deep-dive
Speaker: Kathy Hughes

In this session, we’ll discuss and demonstrate BI integration within MOSS. We’ll cover the built-in BI functionality, such as Report Center – KPIs, dashboards, reporting content types - and Excel Services. We’ll also cover extended BI integration through SQL Server 2005/2008 reporting services and show you how you can effectively work with those products to enhance BI delivery and presentation. In addition, we’ll snapshot a couple of 3rd party reporting options.

Title: E-Mailing MOSS
Type: Deep-dive
Speaker: Kathy Hughes

In this session, we’ll look at managing and integrating e-mails with MOSS sites, including Exchange 2007 managed folders (journaling feature), and 3rd party integration tools, as well as e-mailing document libraries and lists directly using OOB functionality. We’ll consider security, metadata, offline access, e-mail attachments and server and client considerations. We’ll also look at the pros and cons of different types of e-mail formats and management of e-mail records throughout MOSS sites.

We look forward to seeing you there on the 15th and 16th! Bring your questions and your (technical :-)) appetite along with you.


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World Education Alliance Announced - Mindsharp, Combined Knowledge Ltd, Combined Knowledge Asia Pacific

I've been a little quiet on the blogging front of late, due to a birth - the birth of the WEA (World Education Alliance) - http://worldeducationalliance.com. Further details below as originally published by Bill English of Mindsharp.

The World Education Alliance is a global education alliance, incorporating Mindsharp (USA), Combined Knowledge Ltd, (UK and EMEA) and Combined Knowledge Asia Pacific, (Australia and New Zealand). Each of the companies within the WEA specializes in the development and delivery of Information Technology Training classes. The Exclusive portfolio of courses that are available from the World Education Alliance enables organizations to have Global Training Solutions that meet the needs of any role involved in an environment from Administrators, Developers, Designers and End Users to Executives.

The courses are written and delivered by Expert Information Technology trainers and consultants who have the knowledge and skills required to deliver quality training courses either on a public scheduled basis or as private courses to various organizations. Our Trainers and Consultants boast industry leading accreditations and references including the prestigious Microsoft MVP Accreditation.

The World Education Alliance, enables you to organize your Information Technology Training requirements for Administrators, Developers, Designers and End Users over multiple locations in one easy step, you can maintain the same local contact that will help you to plan and organize your training program across multiple office locations. This process enables you to maintain the quality of IT training that you require across all regions ensuring that all people involved in an implementation are receiving the same training wherever they are based.

Benefits of using the WEA

The WEA provides clients with a 'One Stop Shop' for their IT Training Requirements. Through the WEA, a world-wide company can train everyone in their organization on SharePoint and Unified Communications and experience the following benefits:

  • One-Stop-Shop for all of their SharePoint education needs
  • Seamless booking for trainers, travel and materials for world-wide engagements
  • Consistent courseware and customer experience
  • Assurance that the instructors are well-trained and fully prepared to teach their classes
  • Consistent pricing and invoicing processes
  • Unique, but flexible bundling of solutions for customers, including trainer selection, course selection and delivery mechanisms

Benefits of working with Combined Knowledge, Mindsharp and the World Education Alliance

For those who train and work with us, there are several benefits of associating with Combined Knowledge and Mindsharp:

  • Work with recognized, respected industry leaders
  • Live anywhere in the world and train with us
  • World-wide training opportunities
  • Participate in internal education on new technologies
  • Technical support for trainers for both the technology and the course
  • Mentoring for professional development, including writing and training

Education Courses

The breadth of the education options within the WEA is substantial. Consider the following number of training classes, sorted by audiences for SharePoint Products and Technologies:

  • Administrators

Core Technologies in SharePoint Server 2007
Configure and Administer Windows SharePoint Services 3.0
Upgrade SharePoint Portal Server 2003 to SharePoint Server 2007
Customize SharePoint sites without writing code using SharePoint Designer 2007
Implement Business Intelligence Solutions using Excel Services
Implement, Customize and Manage SharePoint Server 2007 and Search Server 2008

  • Developers

Developer's guide to Windows SharePoint Services 3.0
Create Branded Solutions using SharePoint's Web Content Management
Customize SharePoint sites without writing code using SharePoint Designer 2007
SharePoint InfoPath 2007 for Developers

  •  Power End Users

Office SharePoint 2007 Power End User
Site Collection Administrator for the Power End User

  • End Users

Site Owner
Site Member
Key Topics for SharePoint End Users Online

  •  Executives, Architects and IT Managers

SharePoint Server 2007 Governance and Taxonomy Workshops
SharePoint Server 2007 Design and Architecture Workshops
1 day Management overview

  •  For Unified Communications, we offer the following course:

Core Technologies in Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007

Delivery Methods

Both Mindsharp and Combined Knowledge offer our courses via a number of different delivery methods. These methods can be combined within a larger bundled solution to meet your exact needs. Utilizing over 50 authorized trainers world-wide, the World Education Alliance allows you to have our training delivered using the following methods:

  • Instructor-Led
  • CBT
  • Train-the-Trainer (end-user courseware only)
  • Remote Training to your desktop (Live Meeting plus Audio)
  • Public classes
  • Private classes
  • Customized classes and workshops

Delivery Locations

The World Education Alliance can deliver education in most areas of the world. We have offices in London, Sydney and Minneapolis. We can offer training in the following locations and can bring education to your company privately anywhere in the world:

  • Nearly any city in the United States
  • Ottawa and Montreal, Canada
  • UK Midlands – Public Classes
  • UK London – Public classes
  • UK Wide – Private classes
  • Cologne, Germany – Public classes
  • Amsterdam, Holland – Public classes
  • Luxemburg –Public classes
  • EMEA wide for private classes
  • Sydney – Public classes
  • Melbourne – Public classes
  • Brisbane – Public classes
  • Auckland NZ – Public classes
  • Wellington NZ – Public classes
  • Asia Pacific wide for private classes

Facts about WEA Trainers

There are over 50 authorized trainers in the World Education Alliance. Of these, twelve are MVPs and two are former MVPs. We also offer training in English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch and Finnish. Between 2007 and 2008, our corp of trainers more than doubled.

Please let us know how we can help you today. You'll find that this alliance between Combined Knowledge and Mindsharp will bring you benefits and advantages for SharePoint and Unified Communications education that few others can offer.

If you need education world-wide or in your own town, village or city, we can assist you today. If you live in North America, South America or Africa, please contact David Hoffeld at dhoffeld@mindsharp.com. If you live in the UK, Europe and the Middle East please contact Zoe Watson at zoe@combined-knowledge.com. For Asia Pacific and Australia please contact kerriann@combined-knowledge.com.au We pledge to you that we'll do everything we can to ensure you're delighted with our education services.

Bill English, MVP

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