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SharePoint Server 2007 Document Management Pre-Conference at SharePoint Connections

Been away from the blog for a few weeks, but I have a ton of content to get on here in the next 2-3 weeks. I've been scuba-diving in Key West and Panama City Beach - basically chillaxing and taking a break from technology :-) If you didn't know, I'm a PADI Scuba Instructor when I'm not doing summits, seminars, and implementation. We had a great time and the only computer I used was my Dive Computer!

OK, so what's coming up this fall for me? First of all, I am the speaker manager for the SharePoint Best Practices in Washington D.C., Sept 15-17. You can find the agenda, directions, and speaker information at

Next? I'll be at  TechEd New Zealand  (been sold out for a loooong time) Sept 1-2 speaking. The first session is with Chandima Kulathilake and we'll be speaking about Findability. This should be a very cool session and we'll show you how to architect your SharePoint Server so you can 1. manage content 2. retrieve content. We'll show you some real-world examples and walk you through some examples of how to apply the concepts to the technology. The second session is Global Deployments of SharePoint Server 2007 with Joel Oleson - will also be a very cool session, even if you don't need to architect SharePoint over a WAN. Part of the presentation is simply focused on getting the most out of your server farm (s) and how to identify bottlenecks in your implementation. Joel has a ton of content on this topic, so I guess I'm just eye candy for the session :-), not really. I've also worked on over 10 projects that were geographically dispersed, and there are a lot of simple lessons learned we will be presenting.

After TechEd New Zealand, I'll be flying to Sydney for TechEd Australia. Sept 3-5 I'll be doing the Findability session again, but with Ivan Wilson this time. Also, Joel and I will be doing the Global Deployments session for the AU audience. I suppose we'll try some BBQ Kangaroo, and then off to a Sydney Bridge climb on Saturday. I'm hoping to score some tickets for the Sydney Swans AU Rules football that night (Sept 6)! If you have tickets, I'll buy the food :-)

Now, to the point of this blog - November 10-13 is Dev Connections in Las Vegas! I will be presenting a pre-conference session on Document Management in SharePoint Server 2007 - soup to nuts, 6hrs of DM goodness :-)

Here's the info from the Dev Connections site:

HPRA01: SharePoint Server 2007 Document Management Best Practices (9 AM - 4 PM)
Addle Fee $399
Ben Curry

Document management is the process of applying creation, management, storage and other rules to how documents are created, persisted and expired within an organization. Document collaboration is merely the process of checking out, checking in, and visioning a document before it is published. Windows SharePoint Services gives you document collaboration where as SharePoint Server 2007 gives you document management. Records management encompasses all of that which is document management plus it applies to a broader set of content elements—not just documents. Any electronic record, such as a list item or log entry, can be managed as well in SharePoint Server 2007 if there is a need to do so. Managing these documents involves workflows, templates, expiration policies, and integration with the Microsoft Office suite. This workshop will cover the following:

1. Creating and managing Web applications for document collaboration.

  a. Content database planning and management.

  b. Information architecture.

  c. Site directory.

2. Creating and managing document libraries from an administrator’s perspective.

3. Creating and managing large lists for performance using indexed columns and folders.

4. Integration with third-party products and Microsoft Outlook 2007.

5. An overview of using Work flows for business processes.

6. Leveraging content types for document management.

  a. Templates.

  b. Expiration.

  c. Meta data collection via site columns and document information panels.

  d. Workflows.

7. Replacing file shares with SharePoint (or why not to).

8. Configuring document repositories for search and Findability.

9. Managing documents from multiple locations.

10. Creating and managing a records repository.

11. Understanding and using the Recycle Bin for item recovery.

Paul Stork and Daniel Webster will also be going 3 sessions each at Dev Connections. If you've never been to a Dev Connections show, you are missing a ton of good, bare-metal, how-to advice! Paul will be talking about Enterprise Content Management, and Daniel Webster will be doing 3 sessions on Search Server, SharePoint Server Search, and related topics. Hopefully, his sessions won't be hard to find. (did I actually write that?)

To register for SharePoint Connections / Dev Connections, go here:

Ok, so next blog will be my new parameterized farm build scripts, so stay tuned...

Ben Curry, CISSP, SharePoint Server MVP


posted on Thursday, August 21, 2008 10:09 AM


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